We are extremely passionate about solving problems with technology and innovation for the vacation rental market. We inspire new approaches to businesses to make rentals more profitable and easier to manage.

Know More About

We are more than just a guest check-in management platform.

We believe in helping Service Apartments & Holiday Vacation Rentals to be better at managing properties & guest with innovation. Our purpose is making guest check-ins seamless & easier through our platform.

The Challenge

Service Apartments & Holiday Vacation Rentals have lot of options for getting their properties booked. The problem is they manage every property instructions, stay rules, validating guest IDs & others all manually. We are not talking about Marriott’s, Hiltons & other hotels of the world, but about small, medium & large service apartments & vacation rentals companies.

How we help

We help Service Apartments & Holiday Vacation Rentals companies to automate property instructions & guest check-ins. Our platform helps companies to SAVE upto 80% of time by automate their post booking processes.

We believe Service Apartments & Holiday Vacation Rentals should be able to customise their guest check-in processes as per countries regulations and control the guests data and experience, whilst building a sustainable brand.

We guarantee to save upto 80% of time with digiCheckins platform.

With digiCheckins, we are confident to save upto 80% of time in operation against every guest check-in.

digiCheckins has left a great impact by saving more than 12K+ hours in last 1 year in companies Europe & USA. Our core engine will automate check-in/check-out process which will not only optimises the front desk operations but also increase the revenues.